Computer Network Topology | All Types of Network Topology - Star, Ring, Mesh, Bus Topology etc.

All Types of Computer Network Topology - Star Topology, Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Bus Topology etc.

Network Topology

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About Of Network Topology

Network Topology describes how the network is designed. It is also known as network topology. Network Topology consists of two layers: physical and logical. The four main types of network structures are boss, ring, star - and hybrid network Topology.

The physical layer refers to the part of the network that has a physical existence... that is used as cables and connectors. This layer also describes exactly where computers are placed on the network and how all parts of the network are connected to each other. Cables are the most popular medium for transferring information over networks.

The logical layer deals with the path through which information travels from one point to another in the network. This depends on several factors, such as the application being used and the speed at which information is being transferred over the network. Computers share information by exchanging electrical signals. Signals are sent along a transmission medium... that connects different computers together.

Network Topology

Types Of Computer Network Topology

  • Star Topology
  • Bus Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Hybrid Topology
  • Mesh Topology

➤ Star Topology

A Star network is one of the most common computer network topologies. It consists of computers connected by a wireless network connector... which is usually a hub or switch. Information sent by any computer on a network to other computers becomes a hub or psyche.

Each computer in a star network should be as close as possible to a star network connector. Cable length between computer and connector should be less than 100 meters. A hub or switch typically connects up to 24 computers.

In a sprawling office in a large building, it can be seen that each floor of the building has its own psyche or hub. A hub or switch can thus be connected to a larger local area network.

Star Topology

➤ Expansion Of Star Topology

If there are empty ports on the Stroll network connector... Then only one cable is needed to connect any other new computer to the Star network. In this case there is no need to shut down the network while adding new computers

➤ Troubleshooting

When there is an error in the computer or cable... Then the rest of the network is not affected by it. Most Stroll network connectors have the ability to recognize the error field and isolate it from the rest of the network... so that the rest of the network can do its job. When the hub or switch goes bad... Then the exchange of information between different computers stopped.

➤ Cost For Star Topology

The cost of implementing a star network is high. In a star network it is very important that each computer is connected to a hub or switch. It requires a large amount of cable... Because each computer has to be independently connected to a hub or switch.

➤ Bus Topology

Bus network Topology is the structure... in which the entire set of client computers are connected by a single communication line. Only one computer can send data at a time. When the computer transfers information... Then the information travels the entire length of the cable. The computer to which the information is sent ...receives it.

Bus Topology

➤ Terminator

It is important to have a terminator for each cable. Terminators prevent interference by preventing signals from bouncing back into the cable. What type of terminator is needed... depends on the type of cable being used in the network.

➤ How to Setup Bus Topology?

The set up of a Boss network is very simple... as each computer is connected by a length of cable. BUS Networks are used to connect computers together... that are housed in a small enclosure and there is no need for stolen network connectors. However, the length of cable used to set up a boss network is usually short.

➤ Expanding

Expanding the boss network is somewhat difficult. When a new computer is added to the boss network... just to grow it has to be cut and computers added. When the cable is cut, other computers on the network cannot transfer data.

➤ Troubleshooting

If the computer is not working properly and it is having difficulty in transferring data.....then the whole network is affected by it.

➤ Cost For Bus Topology

Boss network is not very cost effective. In most boss networks, different computers are connected to each other by copper cables.

➤ Ring Topology

A Ring network is the topology of a computer network... in which each node is connected to two other nodes, forming a ring. When a node receives a message... it checks the address associated with the message. The ring can also be designed so that malfunctioning or failed nodes can be bypassed.

Information only goes in one direction. When a computer sends information... it sends that information to the next computer. If the address associated with that information is not that of the next computer... Then it sends that information to the next computer. This information is sent one computer at a time to the next computer until it reaches the computer whose address is associated with the information

Ring Topology

➤ How To Setup Ring Topology?

In a ring network, computers are usually placed close to each other. It's easy to set up... because it connects all the computers to a single ring and doesn't require any stolen connectors. For example, hubs etc. A ring network has no beginning or end.

➤ Expansion

Ring network ribbons cause problems... because when you add a new computer to it.... it just becomes necessary to cut. In such a situation, the network cannot function properly until the new computer is added...

➤ Troubleshooting

When the ring breaks somewhere... The stock computers before the break can send information to each other over the cable... but the stock computers after the break cannot. It is not possible to determine the direction of this problem. Many ring networks have two rings... Through which information flows in opposite directions, so that there is no interruption in the service of the network even if it breaks down somewhere.

➤ Cost For Ring Topology

Ring networks are very costly. Since all the computers are connected to a single cable..... so if the computers are located at some distance from each other... Then lots of cables are needed.

➤ Hybrid Topology

In hybrid networks, different topologies such as boss, ring or star etc. coexist.

Wide Area Network: Wide Area Network is usually a hybrid network. This network is connected to several types of Topology to form a larger network. For example, a company may implement a star network Topology one of its offices and a boss network structure in another office. These isolated networks can be combined with microwaves or satellites to form hybrid networks.

Hybrid Topology

➤ How To Setup Hybrid Network Topology?

Hybrid networks are usually created where... trying to extend a network to handle increasing traffic. Hybrid networks can use different devices to interconnect separate network structures, such as hubs, routers, and bridges. Setting up hybrid networks is somewhat difficult... because the materials used in it... They have to provide flexibility to work with different network Topology.

➤ Troubleshooting

When an error occurs in a Hybrid network Topology. It is very difficult to find the source of the problem. Companies that use large hybrid networks. They have a support department for their network.

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