Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer - Part -10

Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer Office, Accounting, Editing, Design Etc.

Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer - Part -9

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Application software

An application program that fulfills a specific task of the user... is called application software or an application. Application software works like this:

  • It is a productivity business tool.
  • It supports graphics and multimedia.
  • It supports home and personal business activities.
  • It also provides communication tools.

The above four utilities of application are not mutually exclusive. For example – all e-mail programs, communication and productivity programs are. Software suite productivity tools are... That includes web page authoring software.

Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer - Part -10

A variety of application software is available as packaged software. You can purchase this software from the respective retailer of the retail store or from the web page. A software package is a software product like Microsoft Office. Several software packages are available, including shareware, freeware, and public-domain software. However, these packages are less powerful than retail software packages.

Productivity software

Productivity software helps people achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness while performing daily activities. It includes applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, graphics, personal information managers, software suites, accounting and project management.

Word Processing Software

Word Processing Software: Word processing is the ability to create documents using a word processor. A word processor, also known as a document preparation system, is a computer application used for the composition, editing, formatting and printing of any material to be printed. A word processor can also be called a stand alone computer unit similar to a typewriter... But it also includes technology advancements such as screens, advanced formatting, printing options, and the ability to save documents to computer memory or disk. Microsoft Word is the most widely used computer word processing system. Word processing displays text manipulation functions such as automatic generation of:

  • Batch mailings use the form of letter templates...also called mail merging.
  • Index of keywords and their page numbers.
  • Tables of contents with section tiles and their page numbers.
  • Tables of figures with caption tiles and their page numbers.
  • Cross-referencing with sections or page numbers. Footnote numbering.

Other word processing functions include spell checking, grammar checking and thesaurus. Thesaurus looks for words with similar and opposite meanings. Software such as word processors, text editors, and other software may differ. Text editors, like Notepad, were developed before word processors. When composing and editing facilities came...documents were not formatted. Text editors are primarily used by programmers, website designers, and computer system administrators. It is more helpful when start up time is fast, file size is small and portability is needed.

Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheet Software: Spreadsheet software is the second most widely used software... that allows you to manipulate data in rows and columns. These rows and columns are collectively called worksheets. Earlier for many years people were using paper and pencil to enter data in rows and columns manually. Data is handled in electronic worksheets the same way as manual worksheets. Along with word processing software, most spreadsheet software has basic features for creating, editing, and editing worksheets.

Database software

Database software: A database is a collection of data that allows the data to be accessed, retrieved, modified and applied. In a manual database, you record data on paper and keep it in a filing cabinet. Database software known as database management systems (DBMS) is software that allows you to create, access, and manage databases. Using database software you can add, change and deal with data in the database... sort And you can retrieve and create forms and reports using database data. Most popular database software packages for personal computers deal with rows and columns. Prepared in database tables. A table has one row of records... containing information about a person, product, or event. A table has one column field... that contains the data inside the record.

 Presentation Graphics Software

 Presentation Graphics Software: Presentation graphics allow you to create documents... that are used to communicate ideas, messages and other information to a group. Presentation slides look like... Which is displayed on a large monitor or a projection screen. A page in a presentation is called a spide. Slides can contain text, graphics, mundi, sound, etc. to convey the content to the audience. When you make a presentation... Then you can also set the slide timing, so that the presentation shows the next slide without any delay. Special effects can be applied to differentiate between each slide. For example – one slide will slowly dissolve and the next slide will be visible.

Once you've created a presentation, you can view and print it on slides or in various other formats. Presentation graphics also incorporate some of the features stocked in word processing software, such as spelling checkers, font formatting capabilities, and the ability to convert current slide shows to standard document formats for the World Wide Web.

Accounting software

Accounting software: A company can use accounting software to record or report its financial transactions. Small and large businesses use this software to perform activities related to general labor, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, invoicing, job posting and payroll functions. You can also use accounting software to write and print checks and track checking account activity. Direct deposit and payroll services are supported online by new accounting software packages. By using these services, company paychecks can be directly deposited into employee checking accounts and employee taxes can be paid electronically.


CAD: Computer Aided Design (CAD) is used to design, develop and optimize products... It can be used by the end consumer or can be an intermediate material used in other products. Today CAD is widely used to design tools and machinery used in equipment manufacturing. CAD is also being used in the drafting and design of all types of buildings, from small residential types (houses) to large commercial and industrial structures (hospitals and factories)

Paint / Image Editing Software

Paint / Image Editing Software: Image editing software provides all the features of paint software. It is also called illustration software... which allows you to modify the scanned image and make it more beautiful. Users can draw pictures, shapes and other graphical images with the help of various on-screen tools like paint brush, eyedropper and paint bucket. You can retouch photographs, color adjust and enhance images, and apply special effects like shadows and glows. Adobe Photoshop, Picture Publisher and Frontal Design Painter are some examples of full-featured image editors.

Video and Audio Editing Software

Video and Audio Editing Software: Video editing software allows you to modify a portion of a video known as a clip. For example, you can shorten the length of video clips, re-order clips or apply special effects to sounds that move horizontally across the screen.

Audio editing software usually includes filters... designed to enhance audio quality. Finter can remove distracting and background noise from audio clips.

Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer - Part -10


E-mail: E-mail (electronic mail) is the main communication technology used by both personal and business users. E-mail is the transmission of messages over computer networks such as local area networks or wide area networks. You use email software to create, send, receive, forward, store, print and delete email messages. E-mail messages can be plain text or they can be attachments such as word processing documents, graphical images or audio and video clips.

Web Browsers

Web Browsers: Web browsers act as interfaces for accessing and viewing web pages on the Internet. Today's browsers have graphical user interfaces and are very easy to learn and implement. Browsers have several special features, including buttons, to help you navigate through Websites.

Concept Of Computer Application Software : Application Software Of Computer - Part -10

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