Ideas About The Operating System | Types of Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, etc. Part- 8

Ideas About The Operating System | Types of Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, Server, Smart Phone OS, Etc.

Ideas about the operating system | Types of operating systems - Windows, Linux, etc. Part- 8

In today's post we are going to get an idea about operating. If you are interested in learning computer then you have clicked on the right post on a right website hope after reading this post you will have no more doubt about operating system. Read the entire post to know about the operating system.

This is the 8th post of computer tutorial. If you haven't seen our previous post then you will not understand any of this post so you are requested to follow our previous posts and gain knowledge by clicking on the links given below.

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Different types of Operating Systems

Earlier, all operating systems were dependent on the device. Device-dependent software products can run on any particular type of computer. When manufacturers launched new models of computers in the market ...Then they developed an improved and different type of operating system. Device dependent operating system has this problem that when the user bought a new computer... the device dependent operating system did not work on the new computer... Because it was designed for a special kind of computer. Some operating systems are still dependent on devices.

Now there are device independent operating systems ... that can work on all types of computers. The advantage of this type of operating system is that you can access your own data files and applications ... even when you bring a computer other than your own computer.

Single User Single Task Operating System: 

As the name suggests, the Single User Single Task Operating System is designed to work well for a single user and can only be performed on one program at a time.

Single User Multi Tasking Operating System: 

With the help of this operating system, a user can run several programs at a time. Microsoft Windows and Apple's Macintosh are the most commonly used operating systems.

Multi-user multi-tasking operating system: 

In this type of operating system, several users can work together on a computer. This type of operating system is commonly used in network systems. Unix and Windows NT Here is an example of this type of operating system.

Batch Processing Operating System (BPOS): 

In batch processing operating systems, data and programs need to be executed in bundles for execution. This type of operating system proves to be very useful in situations... when large amounts of data have to be worked on. In this type of operating system the processing is done automatically.

Real Time Operating System (RTOS): 

This type of operating system has to work at a specific time. This type of operating system is used at that time ...When time is short enough and work is too much and important. This type of operating system is especially useful when the calculations are very important and there is a possibility of problems if the work is delayed.

Operating System Category

Most of the users use that operating system. which comes pre-loaded with the computer. But it can also be changed and upgraded. There are three general categories of operating systems - stand alone, server and embedded.

Standalone operating system

A standalone operating system is a complete operating system ... that works on desktop computers, notebooks and mobile computing devices. Some Stowe Alone operating systems are also called client operating systems. There are ...Because they work on Savar's operating system. The client operating system can be operated with or without a network. For example – currently Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. and uses the Linux client operating system.


MS DOS runs on top of Microsoft Disk Operating System. MS DOS displays lines of text on the desktop. You can perform tasks by typing commands. Currently MS DOS is not used much... Because it does not offer graphical user interface and it cannot take full advantage of modern 32 bit microprocessors.

Microsoft Windows : 

Microsoft developed the Windows operating system... which features a graphical user interface. Some of the most popular Windows operating systems are: Windows 3.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows 7: 

This is Microsoft's modern Windows operating system. It's a graphical user interface operating system ... that's easy enough to learn and work on. Windows 7 provides several ways to manage the files stored on your computer. You can re-name, open, delete and search all those files.

Ideas about the operating system | Types of operating systems - Windows, Linux, etc. Part- 8

Mac OS : 

It is a series of graphical user interface based operating systems designed by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers.

Linex : 

It is a Unix based operating system... which is freely available on the world wide web. Several companies, such as Red Hat, Corel, and Mandrake, have produced several versions of easy-to-use Linux... that you can buy on the market. Red Hat Linux is a popular version... that comes with the GNOME desktop environment. Genome displays pictures on the screen to help you perform a task. Linux is an open source code operating system. It can be copied, modified and reused with some instructions. Due to its quality it has become quite popular among the users.

Server Operating System

A server operating system is an operating system ... that is specifically designed to support networks. Savar operating system works on top of server in particular. Client computers connected to the server receive resources from the server. Standalone operating systems are like clients and work with server operating systems. Some of these stand alone operating systems work with network capabilities. Server operating system is designed in such a way that it can support all types of servers. For example, all Savar operating systems include Windows Server 2008 Unix, Solaris and Novell Networks.

Windows Server 2008: 

This is the latest version of Windows Survey 2003. Windows Server 2008 includes features such as improving web server management to help users prepare data, increase server security, and protect against various software attacks.


It is a multi-user, multitasking server operating system... which is used as the master control program on the R Saver. Unix is ​​able to handle high label transactions in multiuser environments and work with multiprocessors using multiprogramming. Unix used to be used on computers only to run the Internet... but today Unix is ​​used widely enough to host servers on the Internet.

Solaris : 

This is the version of Unix... developed by Sun Microsystems. This is the Savar operating system ... which is specially designed for e-commerce applications.

Novell Network: 

This is the Savar operating system ... designed for the client / Savar. The network has one server portion (share) ...Which is on the network server and has a client port… .. which is on the computer of every client connected to the network. The network supports open source software and works on all personal computers connected to the main location.

Embedded operating system

Embedded operating systems are used on mobile devices and other electronics. It is located on top of the Rome chip. Currently the most popular embedded operating system is Windows Embedded CEO. Windows Mobile, Palm OS. IPhone OS, Blackberry OS .. Google Android R Symbian and S. includes

Windows Embedded CE : 

Windows Embroidered CE. Being a Windows operating system... .It is designed with special functions for communication, entertainment and some computing devices such as digital cameras, automated tailor machines, digital photo frames, fuel pumps, security robots, portable media players.

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